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Mastering seasonal menus with TISSL’s Menu Staging feature

There’s something magical about seasonal menus – they capture the essence of each time of year and offer diners a taste of something new and exciting. But for restaurant owners, keeping up with the seasons can be a challenge. How can you create menus that reflect the best of each season while maintaining efficiency and profitability? Join us as we dive into the world of seasonal menu planning, with a focus on how TISSL’s menu staging feature can simplify the process.

Crafting Seasonal Menus:

Embrace Seasonal Ingredients

Embracing the bounty of each season means utilising fresh, locally sourced ingredients that are at their peak. Whether it’s the crisp sweetness of summer berries, the earthy richness of autumn squash, or the vibrant greens of spring vegetables, seasonal ingredients infuse dishes with unparalleled flavour and quality. By sourcing ingredients locally, restaurants not only support local farmers and suppliers but also reduce their carbon footprint and contribute to sustainability efforts.

Balance Familiarity and Innovation

Achieving the perfect balance between familiarity and innovation is key to crafting a successful seasonal menu. While customers may crave their favourite comfort foods, they also appreciate the excitement of trying something new. By offering a mix of classic favourites alongside innovative dishes, restaurants cater to a variety of tastes and preferences. This approach keeps menus fresh and exciting, encouraging diners to explore new culinary experiences while still satisfying their cravings for familiar flavours.

Consider Dietary Preferences

When creating any menu, it’s important to keep dietary restriction. From allergies and intolerances to preferences, this becomes more important each year. In 2024, it’s estimated that over 8.6 million people in Britain follow a meat-free diet. This statistic is expected to rise, as Generation Z shows a preference for vegetarian and vegan diets.

Including options for vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, and other dietary preferences ensures that all customers can find something delicious to enjoy. By offering inclusive menu choices, restaurants demonstrate their commitment to providing a welcoming and accommodating dining experience for everyone.


Keep it Fresh

The key to keeping customers coming back for more is to keep your menu fresh and exciting. Regularly updating your menu to reflect the changing seasons ensures that customers always have something new and enticing to try. Whether it’s introducing seasonal specials, creating holiday-themed cuisine, incorporating limited-time ingredients, or refreshing existing dishes with seasonal twists, keeping your menu dynamic and ever-evolving keeps customers engaged and eager to return.

Gather Feedback

Soliciting feedback from customers is essential for understanding their preferences and fine-tuning your seasonal menus accordingly. Whether through comment cards, online surveys, or direct conversations with diners, actively seeking feedback allows restaurants to identify strengths and areas for improvement in their seasonal offerings. By listening to their customers and incorporating their feedback into menu decisions, restaurants can ensure that their seasonal menus are truly tailored to meet the desires and expectations of their clientele.

Leveraging TISSL’s Menu Staging Feature:

TISSL’s menu staging feature offers restauranteurs the opportunity to create seasonal menus in advance from within a staging environment. These menus can then be scheduled to go live at a chosen date and time. With just a few clicks, you can introduce seasonal dishes, adjust pricing, and roll out changes across all your systems, from POS terminals to online ordering platforms. This streamlined process saves time and reduces the risk of errors, ensuring that your seasonal menus are implemented smoothly and efficiently.

Crafting seasonal menus is both an art and a science. By following these tips and leveraging TISSL’s menu staging feature, restaurant owners can create dynamic seasonal menus that keep customers engaged and coming back for more. With TISSL’s support, the process becomes easier, allowing restaurants to focus on what they do best: delivering the perfect service.

Adding menu staging to your TISSL EPOS system is easy, simply get in contact with a member of our team by calling 01908 525800 or email You can also use the contact form below.

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