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What’s new with TISSL EPOS Version 4.4

We are delighted to announce the launch of Version 4.4 of TISSL HorizonPOS, bringing forth a plethora of new features and performance optimisations. Our commitment to excellence drives us to continually innovate, and we invite you to explore the exciting updates detailed below.

New and improved functionalities

Menu Staging

Menu Staging provides a dedicated environment within the HUB where you can plan and execute menu changes in advance, ensuring seamless transitions with scheduled releases.

This new feature empowers restaurant owners and managers with precise control over menu changes. It allows you to prepare and plan for amendments ahead of time within a dedicated staging environment. By working in this space, you can make adjustments without affecting the live menu on the POS system.

Imagine your restaurant is gearing up to launch a new summer menu. With Menu Staging, you can start preparing well in advance. Create a staging environment, add new dishes, adjust prices, and fine-tune settings. Then, when the the sun is shining and launch date has arrived, schedule a release, and watch as the changes seamlessly transition to the live menu.

Menu Staging streamlines menu changes by providing a structured approach to preparation, reducing errors, and offering precise control over releases. It’s a must-have tool for any restaurant looking to stay agile.

Item Level Service Charge

Our latest enhancement, Item Level Service Charge, offers venues the ability to configure and apply service charges to specific items with ease.

Item Level Service Charge is a feature designed to enhance the flexibility and precision of service charge adjustments. Instead of applying a service charge to the entire order, this feature allows venues to configure different service charges for food and drink items. You can choose to remove service charges only for food items or have two different service charges—one for food and another for drinks.

Item Level Service Charge offers venues greater flexibility and precision in service charge adjustments, allowing for tailored solutions that meet specific needs. 

Order Type at Item Level

Tracking sales accurately can sometimes be a challenge, especially when orders span multiple sections within a single transaction. That’s where our Order Type at Item Level feature comes in. This functionality allows you to manage order types mid-order directly on the POS, providing site-specific control and ensuring precise tracking of sales.

With site-specific control, you can designate where each product is logged within an order, whether it’s from the bar, restaurant, lounge, or any other section. This granular level of control ensures that sales are accurately attributed to their respective locations, facilitating detailed sales analysis.

Imagine a scenario where a customer orders one beer at the bar for £5.75 and two more beers in the restaurant for £12.50, all within the same order. With Order Type at Item Level, staff can easily designate each beer to its respective section within the order directly on the POS. This ensures that sales are accurately attributed to the bar and restaurant, providing detailed insights into sales performance for each area.

Additional Improvements

HUB: Site Access Lockdown

Enhance security and streamline operations with site-specific access restrictions. Users are now confined to accessing data and information relevant to their assigned site, minimising the risk of inadvertent configuration changes across multiple sites within the organisation.

Goods and Service Charge Tax Calculations

Experience enhanced service charge calculations with tax inclusion, catering to the diverse tax requirements of sites within the British Isles.

How to update

Updating your POS to the latest version is seamless:

  • For iOS (iPad) users: Simply head to the App Store, locate the HORIZON app, and tap ‘UPDATE’.
  • Android Terminal users: Exit the HORIZON app, navigate to the Google Play store, search for HORIZON EPOS, and select ‘Update’.
  • Windows users: Select the yellow bell icon at the top of the screen and press the green ‘Update Now’ button when prompted – the web browser will launch and download the update file. Once this has been downloaded, it may present a security prompt – for this you will need to select the drop-down arrow and ‘Keep’ the file to finalise the download. After this, select the file to launch it. You may recieve another security prompt for which you will need to select ‘More info’ and press ‘Run anyway’. After a few moments, the HORIZON app will relaunch and be updated.

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