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EPOS software pricing

TISSL offers a unique licensing model that charges based on the number of users rather than by number of devices. This allows you to have as many devices as you want with no additional cost.

5 user licenses

£60 /month
  • Including licenses for 5 users, email and telephone support

10 user licenses

£115 /month
  • Including licenses for 10 users, email and telephone support

20 user licenses

£220 /month
  • Including licenses for 20 users, email and telephone support

Need more licenses?

  • Get in touch with our Sales team for a bespoke quote.

We also offer T&A licenses for staff just using the system to clock in and out.

What’s included

In each license you get full access to the TISSL EPOS software both back office and front-end POS. You can restrict how much access each user has using permissions. With our hardware flexible software with every new device just download, login and start trading.

EPOS software for hospitality

Need hardware?

While where possible we aim to use your existing hardware, if needed TISSL offers a variety of hardware options for purchase and as well as hardware support.

Hardware Packages

For a cost-effective, plug and play solution check out our TISSL Lite packages, that include hardware, training, support and EPOS in one. Ideal for one or two terminal sites.

Bespoke Solutions

For those looking for a more bespoke EPOS set up, we can provide you with a custom quote that includes, hardware, software, installation training, hardware and software support and any integration you may need.

Frequently asked questions

Yes, TISSL EPOS is hardware agnostic. This means as long as your current hardware meets our minimum requirements then we can and aim to re-use your existing hardware.

TISSL EPOS is priced based on the number of users currently on your system, rather than the number of devices. Therefore, we sell licenses in bundles of 5 starting from £49/Month which includes access to the software and software support. We also offer optional extras in hardware, hardware support, installation, and training. For an exact quote please get in touch.

We currently operate across the world with sites across the UK, Europe, Hong Kong, USA, Canada, and UAE including Saudi Arabia and Dubai.

As standard software support is included as part of your license which includes telephone and email support 9-midnight 365 per year. We also offer additional hardware support in which TISSL will support and assist in any hardware issues or failure with on-site engineers and swap out, visit our hardware page to find out more.  

EPOS stands for Electronic Point of Sale. Also referred to as a till system or a Cash register an EPOS system is the electronic database of your menu, orders, and payments that you and your staff can use to save time and create an accurate picture of your business.

By choosing a cloud-based EPOS solution you are opening your business up to top-level data security and complete flexibility. Physical on-site servers are often prone to damage or failure and put your data at risk, but using TISSL EPOS all data is backed-up and stored securely within the cloud. This means you have full access to your back office from anywhere (as long as you have your login details!) and can view orders, reports and make changes real-time, without needing to even be in the same country.

By licensing the TISSL EPOS software by User you can have unlimited devices. This means that you can add or take away as many tills, iPads or any other devices on your system as you would like without incurring an additional licensing fee. For example, if you add an additional tablet to your restaurant this will not affect your monthly costs, just download, register, and start trading.

We offer a variety of integrations with market-leading products within the hospitality sector. Including reservations, payments, stock, HR, PMS, data analytics, kitchen displays and many more. Visit our partners page to see all of our current integrations.

Enterprise structure means that using TISSL EPOS you can control multiple sites from one back office. So if you have a business with multiple locations you can control menus, permissions and see high-level or granular reporting, all from one back office.

Customer accounts are a CMS system within your POS device in which you can record customer details, take account payments or deposits, and then pay off orders via the till to these accounts. This is a free additional module that you can add to your TISSL system via the back office, a how-to video can be found in the resource centre with the HUB.

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