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At Mighty, we understand restaurants, working as owners and operators in hospitality for many yearsOur industry is evolving, and its no longer enough to just offer great service and fantastic food and drink. Restaurants need to compete and engage with customers digitally and, to do this effectively, can be expensive.

TISSL has become Mighty CRM’s exclusive EPOS partner which integrates seamlessly with TISSL’s powerful, yet simple EPOS solution. The integration enriches the customer data you gather, so you can interpret spending habits, favourite products and so much more, all from a user friendly interface. 


Customer data is at the heart of this digital world. We are all awash with data from customers but it’s how we use and interpret the data that can make us world-class.
In an ever-competitive world, we champion the growing number of emerging or growing brands that can’t afford complex CRM systems that compete with big brands.

By harnessing the power of the industry’s leading CRM engine and turning it into an affordable, powerful solution it is accessible to even the smallest operators.


Bringing together data from your Wifi, Booking System, Waitlist, Website, Newsletter sign ups and EPOS system.

Automatically tags your customers and brings it all together to paint an enriched picture of your customers. How they behave, what they like and most importantly, what type of promotions or offers they respond to.

Dynamic features allow you to send the same message to all your chosen targeted customers, subtly personalisationed depending on demographics. For example, you can have different age groups receive different images, or wine drinkers receiving an image of wine, whilst beer drinkers receive images of beer. 


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