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TISSL provides a 2-way integration to Fourth systems using the Fourth Gateway as a single point-of-entry to all Fourth systems that use TISSL’s EPOS data. This data in turn drives: 

  • Labour forecasts in Demand Forecasting 
  • Inventory movement in Purchasing and Inventory 
  • Business Intelligence (BI) reporting in Fourth Analytics

Whilst the TISSL EPOS is essential to the business, Fourth systems can provide additional functionality across operations: including recipe and menu engineering, stock and purchasing management, workforce management, and data analysis.

By integrating with Fourth, your TISSL EPOS solution extends beyond everyday transaction management into an end-to-end hospitality solution, providing:

1. Accurate, up-to-date sales transactional item

2. Time and attendance clocking & tracking

3. Published employee schedules

4. Employee information

5. Accurate, up-to-date menu and recipe information, with allergens and nutrition content

The diagram shows the two-way integration between TISSL EPOS and Fourth systems. This includes any payment data, such as discounts, void types or cost analysis, as well as workforce and productivity data, such as time to prep or time to customer; and much more.

Examples of the flow of data between TISSL and Fourth

At the end of each day, TISSL EPOS sends Fourth the sales data for each item, using the original recipe or retail item’s ID. Fourth uses this sales data to provide customers full analytics of their sales, adjust stock and purchasing systems, and forecast future labour needs.

Each employee clocks in and out through the TISSL EPOS system. At timed intervals, generally daily, TISSL sends Fourth this data to update workforce management and payroll, any customer-integrated HR systems, and include the data in Fourth analytics.

TISSL EPOS sends a request daily for the most recent schedules available from Fourth, which can then be made available onscreen.

TISSL EPOS regularly imports employee data from Fourth, which can include information such as an employee’s role, access rights, staff groups, titles, payrates, and more. This ensures that our mutual customers no longer need to manually re-enter data across systems as employees enter and leave the workplace. Meanwhile, the sales data you send back to Fourth is further enriched with relevant employee data.

The customer creates recipes in Fourth, which are then immediately available through the API. The data available through the API is rich and detailed and includes everything you might need to automate recipe creation in the TISSL EPOS system, such as categorization, allergens, and nutritional information. The TISSL database is updated with the latest information each day using an API request.

The customer adds retail sales items, such as garments, in Fourth, which are then immediately available through the API. Like recipes and menus, the data available covers everything you need in your POS system. The TISSL database is updated with the latest information each day using an API request.


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