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Why hardware agnostic EPOS is the independence your restaurant deserves

Discover how hardware agnostic EPOS breaks free from convention, offering unmatched flexibility and empowerment in restaurant management. Welcome to a new era of innovation and adaptability.

In the ever-evolving landscape of restaurant management, the quest for independence and flexibility is paramount. In this pursuit, the choice of an Electronic Point of Sale (EPOS) system plays a pivotal role. Enter the world of hardware agnostic EPOS—a revolutionary approach that grants your restaurant the independence it truly deserves.


The first and most obvious advantage of hardware agnostic EPOS is cost-efficiency. Imagine the liberation of reusing existing devices from previous POS providers. This not only slashes your initial investment but also minimises environmental impact by avoiding the disposal of perfectly functional hardware. For the financially savvy restaurant owner, this flexibility is a strategic financial advantage that resonates with responsible business practices.

Tailored device diversity

Your restaurant is unique, and so are your preferences for EPOS devices. From conventional terminals to Android devices or sleek Apple iPads, a hardware agnostic EPOS system seamlessly integrates with a diverse range of terminals. This flexibility empowers you to choose devices that align with your specific needs and aesthetics. Whether it’s a classic terminal in the back of the dining room or an iPad on the go, the power to shape your EPOS experience lies in your hands.

Seamless expansion, no strings attached

Business growth should be exciting, not encumbered by logistical challenges. With a hardware agnostic EPOS, expansion becomes a breeze. Whether your restaurant ventures into new spaces or experiences a surge in demand during busy periods, acquiring additional devices is a straightforward process. No specialised tills, no waiting for technical teams—simply source the devices you need and seamlessly integrate them into your existing setup.

TISSL’s hardware agnostic EPOS system puts the decision-making power back in your hands. Need an extra iPad for a special event? No problem. In a pinch, our clients have even brought their own devices from home, showcasing the unmatched flexibility that TISSL offers. This independence fosters a sense of control and adaptability, allowing you to make swift decisions without being hindered by rigid POS structures.

One-stop solution for streamlined operations:

While we offer the option of sourcing your own devices independently, we also provide a convenient one-stop solution for anyone in need of new hardware. Our competitive rates for devices ensure that you can get everything you need in one place. This streamlined approach simplifies the procurement process, giving you the freedom to focus on what matters most—running a successful restaurant.

In a world where adaptability is the key to success, hardware agnostic EPOS stands out as a game-changer for restaurant owners seeking independence. Embrace the freedom to choose, expand, and innovate without constraints. With TISSL’s hardware agnostic EPOS system, your restaurant gains a dynamic partner, offering unparalleled flexibility and empowering you to shape the future of your business. Because independence isn’t just a luxury—it’s what your restaurant truly deserves.

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