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TISSL launches enhanced hybrid training format for 2024

TISSL is excited to announce the rollout of its new and improved training format designed to enhance client experience and drive success in the hospitality market.

The revamped training format introduces a host of features aimed at providing clients with unparalleled access to resources and personalised support. Key highlights include unlimited access to TISSL’s extensive library of training videos and interactive one-on-one sessions led by TISSL’s dedicated data and training specialist.

“We’re thrilled to introduce our enhanced training format, tailored specifically to meet the evolving needs of our valued clients,” said Lauren Button, Data and Training Specialist at TISSL. “With this new offering, we’re empowering our clients to stay ahead of the curve and maximise the benefits of our solutions.”

The unlimited access to training videos allows clients to refresh their knowledge at their convenience, ensuring they stay up to date with the latest developments in TISSL’s offerings.

Additionally, the personalised virtual sessions provide clients with tailored guidance and support, reinforcing learning and boosting confidence. These sessions are designed to be engaging and “quiz-like,” with attendees being asked to replicate processes from the training library to ensure full comprehension and clarity. 

“Our goal is to equip our clients with the knowledge and skills they need to succeed,” added Lauren. “Whether they’ve recently onboarded new staff or simply require a refresher, our enhanced training format is designed to meet their needs and drive performance.”

TISSL clients can now take advantage of this new training format to elevate their expertise and enhance their business operations. For more information or to schedule a personalised training session, clients are encouraged to contact the TISSL team today.

With TISSL’s enhanced training format, clients can expect to stay ahead of the competition and confidently achieve their business goals.

To enquire about a training session for your business, please contact or call 01908 525800. 

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