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Top Foodie Innovations

We love food, we really do, and it’s even better when a new, innovative way of presenting it arrives on the scene. And we’re not talking about smoothie bowls or milkshakes using real chocolates (although we do love treating ourselves to both). We’re talking about proper out-of-the-box thinking. Read on to see some incredible ideas.

Avo Art

Bloggers have been going mad for avocados for years – when was the last time you had a scroll through your Instagram feed without seeing some form of avocado on toast? Not that we can blame them, avocado is great! Colette Dika has taken her love of this green fruit to the next level with the creation of the most perfectly cut and assembled avocado-based meals we have ever seen.

Go on and check out her Instagram page for yourself, you’ll be seriously impressed!


Glitter Cappuccinos

Yes, you read that correctly and yes, glitter cappuccinos are fabulous! An extension to the explosion of everything ‘unicorn’-themed last year as these beautiful cappuccinos from Coffee By Di Bella in Mumbai, India.

For those of us who rely on our fix(es) of caffeine everyday this is a wonderful and sparkly change to an otherwise rather dull, daily routine. We would happily stand in a long queue every morning for one of these!

Micro Landscapes

It takes serious talent to be able to create lifelike paintings and artist Hasan Kale has an exceptional amount of this as exhibited with his micro paintings on small items of food.

Take a look at this incredible work on a piece of Milka chocolate:


He must have a seriously good eye and steady hand to have been able to paint this melon seed:


And a great knack for holding slippery items:


For all we know we could be next, great food artist but we’ll never find out as we’d never be able to hold ourselves back from eating everything!

Crispy Christmas Dinner

You may remember these from Christmas last year. Hipchips launched a range of Christmas dinner-themed crisps a month ago. As lifetime members of the crisps-as-their-own-food-group club we were delighted by smoked salmon and horseradish pâté; turkey with stuffing and cranberry sauce; and Christmas pudding with eggnog whip dip flavours. YUM!

Personalised Marshmallows

You may have heard of Boomf, a gift-personalisation company founded by James Middleton several years ago. Yep, Kate Middleton’s brother. The company offers customers a chance to have some of their favourite pictures printed onto vanilla or strawberry flavoured marshmallows. We love this and they make such a wonderful and unique gift!

Another bonus of this company are all the hilarious videos they post of recipients reactions to their exploding greeting cards, hilarious!

We can’t wait to see what foodie innovations come to light over the next year! Also, if anyone needs any tasters just let us know… 😉

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