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Transforming summer dining with mobile ordering

As summer rolls in, restaurants find themselves bustling with diners eager to enjoy the warm weather with a cold drink. However, with the influx of customers, managing orders efficiently while maintaining top-notch service can be a challenge. Enter TISSL’s Consumer Ordering Platform (COP) – a mobile ordering solution designed to streamline operations and elevate the dining experience. Let’s explore how COP can help your restaurant shine this summer season.

The summer surge and the need for efficiency

Summer is a peak time for restaurants, with patios filling up and reservations pouring in. This increase in business brings both opportunities and challenges. Efficient order management becomes crucial to keep service smooth and customers happy. COP addresses this need by enabling diners to place orders directly from their mobile devices, reducing the workload on staff and ensuring that orders are accurate and timely.

Enhancing customer experience with COP

One of the most significant advantages of COP is the improved dining experience it offers customers. As patrons enjoy the summer vibes, they can effortlessly browse the menu, customise their orders, and make payments all from their mobile phones. This convenience is particularly appealing in the summer, when diners prefer a relaxed and hassle-free experience. By allowing customers to order at their own pace, COP eliminates the need to flag down busy waitstaff, thus enhancing satisfaction and encouraging repeat visits.

Speeding up service

Summer dining often means dealing with large crowds and outdoor seating, where traditional ordering methods can slow things down. COP’s mobile ordering system speeds up the entire process, from order placement to delivery. Diners simply scan a QR code or visit a URL to access the menu and place their order- no need to download an app. This reduces the time spent waiting to order and receive food, allowing customers to enjoy their meals more quickly. Faster service not only improves customer satisfaction but also increases table turnover, boosting your restaurant’s revenue during the busy summer months.

Streamlining operations

For restaurant staff, COP simplifies order management. Orders placed through the platform are instantly transmitted to the kitchen, minimising the chances of errors that can occur with manual order-taking. This streamlined communication ensures that the kitchen can operate more efficiently, even during peak times. Additionally, COP’s integration with TISSL’s EPOS system provides real-time updates and centralised reporting, giving managers valuable insights into order trends and customer preferences.

Catering to diverse customer needs

Summer brings a diverse crowd, from families on vacation to locals enjoying a day out. COP’s customisation features allow customers to tailor their orders to their dietary preferences, allergies, or specific tastes. This level of personalisation not only delights customers but also reduces the likelihood of order errors, as customers can clearly specify their needs through the platform.

Maximising outdoor and pop-up dining

With the popularity of outdoor and pop-up dining during the summer, COP becomes an invaluable tool. Setting up a temporary dining space can be logistically challenging, but COP’s mobile ordering capabilities make it easier to manage orders without the need for additional staff. Customers can place their orders from their tables, whether they’re on the patio or at a pop-up location, ensuring seamless service regardless of the dining setup.

Cost-effective solution

In addition to enhancing the customer experience and streamlining operations, COP offers financial benefits. Unlike many external platforms that charge monthly fees, COP operates with no additional costs, making it a cost-effective solution for restaurants. By reducing the need for extra waitstaff and minimising order errors, COP helps restaurants save on labour and operational costs.

Getting started with COP

Ready to take your restaurant to the next level this summer? Getting started with COP is straightforward. Contact TISSL’s sales team, and you’ll be guided through the seamless onboarding process. With COP’s integration into TISSL EPOS, your menu can be uploaded quickly, allowing you to start using mobile ordering the same day.

Ready to revolutionise your restaurant? Contact us today and step into the future of dining with COP. Together, let’s create an unforgettable summer dining experience for your customers.

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